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5 Ways to Prepare for your web design project

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

It's always so exciting when your business is ready to take that next step & prepare for your web design project! Many times we're so excited, that we jump right in without really doing the prep work that will set your website up for success. Your website is so important! It's like a home for your business & when done right it has the potential to do a lot of the work for you. You can make sales while you sleep!

So what is some of the prep work that's needed before you start designing your site? Here are 5 basic things you should think about before creating your website:

1. Brand strategy & design

If you don't have a strategy for your brand & you don't have your brand visuals, (your logo, color palette & fonts), you're probably not ready for a website. To have a successful website, you need to know your target audience, their pain points & needs, & you need to have cohesive branding.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Who's my target audience & why do they need what I'm offering? What are some of their objections that I can overcome? What does my customer journey look like? How will my website guide them in their customer journey?

2. Have a specific goal in mind

Have a defined, measurable & achievable goal. For example, do you want to make more sales? Inform potential clients of your services? Get subscribers?

Now get specific. For example:

I want to increase my sales by ___%.

I want to gain ____ subscribers each _____.

3. Map out the basic layout and navigation of your site

Ask yourself:

What pages do I need on the website? Home, about, services?

What should go on each page?

4. Copywriting

Copy is key when it comes to building a website. The design will be built around the copy, & the copy is what will entice your audience to take the desired step.

  • If you want to nail your messaging, hire a professional copywriter.

  • If you choose to do it yourself, research your audience's wants & needs & check out your competitors to see how their messaging appeals to your audience.

  • Break the copy down into the sections you'd like to see on each page.

5. Gather your images

A professional brand photoshoot showcasing you & what you do will make all of the difference for your website & you can use these photos on social media. If you're not quite ready for professional photography, grab a friend or family member, put on your best outfit & get dolled up & create your own photoshoot. Make sure that you have great lighting & backgrounds.

Your designer can help you select stock photos that are cohesive with your brand if you need them.

Are you ready for your web design project?

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