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Sales Page Design that Gets Results

Do you feel stuck, trying to design your sales page for your upcoming launch? Summer can be slow for many businesses, so now is a great time to start planning for your next launch, & a sales page is a must if you want to hit your goals.

Designing a sales page that will appeal to your ideal audience & convert leads into clients is time-consuming & can be a challenge if you’re not tech-savvy or if you lack design skills. Because it is such an important tool for booking out your offer, it’s important that it is done right.

I love the design process of creating unique & appealing sales pages for my clients! It's like solving a puzzle, piece by piece, it takes time & skill, but the end result is spectacular! Here are a few tips for designing a sales page that converts


Always start with a spicy headline & bold imagery in the header that draws your audience in & makes them want more. It’s important to have professional, eye-catching photos before you get started creating your sales page. The colors & style of the photos can inspire the overall look & feel of the page.


You'll need some mouth-watering copy that speaks to your audience's pain points, directly describes your offer & makes them see why they need it now! I recommend working with a professional copywriter that can nail your messaging, capture your personality & attract your target audience.


CTAs (Call to action) are essential elements of a high-converting sales page. They reinforce your offer & get your audience to take a bite (aka give you that cha-ching🫰🏾.)


Social proof like testimonials, case studies, or reviews is a great way to show your credibility & entice your audience to buy. These need to be designed in a way that pulls your audience in & keeps them reading & wanting more.


Now here’s where the magic happens! Your designer will coordinate all of the pieces together making sure that your copy is laid out beautifully in a way that makes it easy to digest & guides your audience's eyes to the most important bits & pieces, tempting them to keep reading. They’ll make sure that your eye is drawn to those CTAs & that the photos & imagery flow together in a way that makes your offer irresistible!


My client needed a dope sales page that represented her luxury brand vibes. She expressed to me what she wanted & how the overall vibe of the page should be. I designed a sales page following these 5 tips & the final result not only gave her confidence but also contributed to her $56,000 launch. Her next launch with the same sales page and just a few tweaks brought in over $70,000! Here what she had to say:

"Courtney & I have worked together for over 2 years now and there's no other Designer that has figured out my brand more. She gets my city luxury aesthetic so well. She does all my design work, but her most recent sales page design created so much hype for my recent launch (people were messaging me about the boss energy of the page) and it was a $56,000 launch. I attribute so much of that to the page itself because it made ME feel more confident which impacted the entire energy of the launch." -KIRSTEN R., COACH & FUNNEL EXPERT

If you have questions about creating a sales page for your next big launch, please hit me up! I’d love to discuss your needs & goals & help you create the sales page of your dreams!

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