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Useful tools that I use in my design business

When I first started my business, I did a ton of research to try to find the right tools for my business that would help give my clients a seamless experience.

Here are the tools I've been using that have helped streamline my process:

1. HoneyBook

An all-in-one business management platform for creative entrepreneurs. I use HoneyBook to send proposals, questionnaires, contracts, & invoices, get paid & get reviews. I used to use Calendly, but Honeybook has a great scheduler that basically mimics Calendly's capabilities. They also have automations you can set up & apply to projects, making all of your processes smooth and easy flowing. They recently introduced smart files, to make everything look more visually pleasing & easier to use. Honeybook was a game changer for my business. It's made my life easier in just about every aspect of my business..

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2. Asana

For me, this is the best free project management tool. I use it to create client projects, timelines, house client files & project revisions. It's a great system that helps me collaborate & communicate with my clients & stay organized.

3. Adobe Illustrator

This is my go-to design tool when I'm creating logos, illustrations, patterns & typography design. I've been using it for over 15 years & it's a brand + graphic designer's best friend.

4. Canva

Some designers hate Canva, but I find it very useful. Most of my clients use it so it's nice to be able to easily share files. This is where I create my intro & welcome packets, freebies & social media graphics for my business. I can pull my original designs into Canva to create stunning visuals for my clients. Canva cuts my design time in half.

5. Waveapps

Waveapps is a free, easy & straightforward way to track my expenses. I would be lost without it!

I hope you found this information helpful. Do you use these programs & what other tools do you suggest?

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Credits: By 292Jacob - Canva Branding, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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